LVHack is LVTech's now annual spring Hackathon. From mobile apps to 3D printers, LVHack has something for everyone. Come enjoy a great weekend building things with other creative, enthusiastic, technology loving people.

Get you ticket here: LVHack 2013



If you are a particiapnt at LVHack, you may participat at LVHack. In fact, you're expected to do so.


Submissions should include a description of your hack. Photos of cats are welcome (not required). Photos of your hack are also encouraged. If your hack is on the web, a link seems obvious. If it's a mobile app, mail a phone with it installed using a flat rate envelope. 

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First Place

The LVHack Cup. Sought after hackaward, desired by many, won by few.

Runner Up

Almost the LVHack Cup. Not as sought after hackaward, desired by more than a few, won by those who came really close.

Community Cup

The Community Cup. You've been warned.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Buy a ticket. Hack a bit. Don't leave before Sunday.


Lisa Glover

Lisa Glover
Lisa is the designer behind the wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, KitRex. She is a Technical Entrepreneurship graduate student at Lehigh University, is the founder of ArchiTrep LLC, and has a certain distaste for smartphones.

Tom Knesel

Tom Knesel
Currently running Pivitec, Tom has been pioneering, developing, and establishing successful marketing and sales positioning for products in the Medical and Pro Audio industries for years.

Jared Steckel

Jared Steckel
President of Make Lehigh Valley, the community of makers residing in the Hive4a Makerspace at the Bridgeworks Enterprise Center in Allentown, PA.

Judging Criteria

  • Is it a Hack?
    How well does it embrace the spirit of a hackathon? Is it a unique use of something? Does it combine things in an unexpected way? Will it make someone thing, "well, that's clever"? Was it "Yet Another [something]", or was it a fresh take?
  • How was the Demo?
    Nervous or not, was the demo just an idea, or was something successfully built, written, assembled, connected? Regardless of the amount of duct tape used, how well did the final product match what they said it could do? It's not how high they flew, but di
  • Was it Fun?
    This, after all, is a hackathon. Is the project fun? Did the team have fun? Isn't that really the best prize? (Well, right up there with flying hack bots.)

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